Jesse Thomas Brown

Jesse Thomas Brown is a dedicated musical artist who in the last 20 years has written in excess of 75 songs for piano, voice and other accompaniment.

Released in December of 2008, Brown's debut album "Tanglewood" melded the piano rock of Elton John, the Broadway inspirations of Stephen Sondheim, and the poetic charm of Leonard Cohen.

"Tanglewood" was the first of three full-length collections Brown would release over the following five years. "An Idiot's Tale" and "The Passenger Waits" were released in 2011 and 2013 respectively. The songs were written and orchestrated entirely by Brown, who performed all but the drums on these recordings.

His stories span the globe and the centuries, from the Mark Twain inspired "Lights of New Orleans" and "Southern Skies", the feudal Japan of "Toshiro", to more current social-commentary stories like "Ellis Island", "Dirty Old Man", and "April and Jamie".

A playful sense of humour is evident in much of Brown's work. Some of his most popular songs have been the comedic titles: "My Favorite P's", a naughty ode to life without planted roots, and "Merry Christmas Jameson's Irish Whiskey", an obscene but tuneful piece about the dark side of family and the holiday season.

The principal element of Brown's approach is the absolute commitment to song itself. The performance is only ever in service to the song. The American popular song is where Brown's greatest passion lies. Early rock 'n' roll, country, show tunes, protest music, and elements of jazz are ever present in his work.

Jesse never fails to communicate a unique blend of youthful optimism, wicked humour and dark cynicism, all of which combine to create an uplifting and honest experience.

A fourth album "We Were Only Kids" is scheduled for release in 2016.


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